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North Carolina's Leading Environmental Engineering, Health & Safety Consulting Firm

EEC, Inc. is North Carolina's one of the leading Environmental Engineering, Health and Safety Consulting Firm


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We have recently completed projects with several clients, including the removal of 17 underground storage tanks at 14 sites for Durham Public Schools, 6 tanks at Johnston County Schools, 2 tanks at Lee County Schools, 8 tanks at Wilson County Schools, 2 tanks for Wake County, 2 tanks at University of North Carolina at Pembroke, etc. Our tank removal projects include tank closure report, well drilling, soil and ground water sampling analysis, LSA Phase I and II, CSA and final remediation or closure of site.  We work very close with UST division of NCDENR and also with Ground Water Section.

EEC provides different phases of site assessments. The site assessments are performed in three (3) different phases. Each phase includes different types of tasks. They are as follows:

1.      Phase I Audit  - Environmental Evaluation

    • Evaluation of all in-house data and reports, completion of preliminary questionnaire by the property owner, etc.
    • On-site visit, audit conference, describe procedure, walk through, records review, closing conference, etc.
    • City, County & State records review, historical use of property, current ownership & use of property, summary of environmental permits, licenses & registrations, etc.
    • Past use of property and other properties near by - use includes disposal, treatment, storage or emission of hazardous materials on the property, present or past inspections, investigation, claims, existing hydrogeological information, soil reports, adjacent properties & potential environmental hazards present, site/s on National Priority List", etc.
    • Above ground or underground storage tanks, pipes, pumps, or surface impoundments, etc. surface and/or subsurface drainage, sewers, on-site wastewater disposal and septic tank systems, and storm water system runoff, existing utilities and any transformers, asbestos, past, present or future contamination incidents, site plan, source of materials, radon gas, list of agencies visited & personnel interviewed, etc.
    • Final report outlining recommendations 

2.      Phase II Audit - Environmental Assessment

    • Conducted if Phase I is not acceptable
    • Tanks present without any history, recent testing, cathodic protection, monitoring, etc.
    • Oil filled transformers present 
    • Hazardous activities adjacent to or near site
    • Hazardous chemicals utilized, produced, or disposed of on-site or adjacent/near by, etc.
    • Lead based paint or piping products, ventilation problems, etc.
    • Test boring for soil; sampling for VOC, TOC, TPH, TCLP, LEAD, PCB, Pesticides/Herbicides, Asbestos; Radon, Lead in drinking water, paint; UST tightness test; etc. 

3.      Phase III Audit - Remediation

    • Resource Conservation & Recovery Act (RCRA) of 1976
    • Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA) of 1980.

If a site is suspected of being contaminated, we will accurately assess the contamination and follow with remediation recommendations based on the unique set of circumstances.

We know water and wastewater treatment, and can provide everything from chemical and physical to biological treatments, to residuals management, as well as storm water runoff consulting and treatment design.  And when it comes to air quality, we can assess and control anything from indoor exposure to outside emissions.


EEC can help acquire permits suited to the operating conditions. We can also develop plans that meet and more often exceed regulatory compliance standards.  If its part of the environment, well engineer it so that the operation is running cleanly and with the utmost efficiency.


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EEC, Inc. is North Carolina's one of the leading Environmental Engineering, Health and Safety Consulting Firm