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EEC, Inc. is North Carolina's one of the leading Environmental Engineering, Health and Safety Consulting Firm


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In 1978, the National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutant Standards (NESHAPS) under EPA guidance outlawed the installation of all friable asbestos (asbestos that when dry, may be crumbled, pulverized, or reduced to powder by normal hand pressure).  Non-friable asbestos containing materials such as floor tile and mastic were installed in buildings up until the early 1980s and even later in some renovations. 

More than 3,000 different asbestos products were used from the early 1920's through the 1970's.  During the end of this time span, the health hazards associated with the use of asbestos became known.  It is now understood that the recognition and management of asbestos containing materials requires knowledgeable & experienced engineering and health professionals.  Personnel certified by the EPA as building inspectors and management planners are available to provide asbestos abatement surveys, engineering surveys, inspections, management plans and training.  EEC also provides AHERA related services to public and private schools as per EPA guidelines.  We will work closely with architects and/or engineers to form a total project team.

    • Inspections
    • Identification
    • Assessment
    • Air Sample Analysis - PCM
    • Management Planning
    • Describing Abatement Operation
      • Removal
      • Enclosure
      • Encapsulation
      • Operation & Maintenance Program
      • Design for Asbestos Removal
      • Engineering Design for Replacement Materials
      • Education & Training for Management and Employees
      • Air Monitoring and Visual Inspections

Our air sample analysis laboratory is NIOSH PAT approved for air sample analysis, and fully equipped with the latest in laboratory technology. All our analysts participate in the Asbestos Analyst Registry Program as required by NIOSH and AIHA for field air sample analysis. We participate in the NIOSH PAT ROUND program for air sample analysis.  EEC has an inter-laboratory and intra-laboratory QC programs which helps to ensure the quality control for our bulk and air sample analysis.

Where asbestos abatement is recommended, detailed plans and specifications for the abatement project are developed as per AHERA regulations. EEC staff will set up prebid conferences for the selection of the abatement contractor and to conduct an on-site orientation to fully acquaint the potential contractors with the project.  Appropriate submittals are reviewed for compliance with the specifications and plans. EEC provides on-site monitoring of the project and collects outside area samples to ensure that containment is complete.  A thorough final visual inspection ensures that all asbestos containing materials have successfully been removed.  Final air samples are collected to verify that the abatement contractor has met the levels for air clearance specified in the plans and specifications. EEC looks forward to working with the engineer/designer and the abatement contractor to ensure the quality and success of the project. 

EEC engineering personnel will provide detailed engineering services for asbestos removal and replacement materials to meet all building codes. Our personnel, in various disciplines are accredited by the EPA and the State of North Carolina. Additional accreditation in other states can be obtained, if required.


Problems associated with asbestos can be solved economically, quickly and safely when the right professionals working to assist in identifying, quantifying and designing a plan to reduce or eliminate asbestos liabilities while minimizing cost..  Our team is not only familiar with the vast and complex asbestos regulations; we also understand the need to protect your liabilities associated with asbestos problems.  Members of our staff have been providing consulting for asbestos hazards since last twenty-five years with experience in hospitals, industrial settings, high-rise office structures, pubic housing facilities, public schools, airports, military installations and Federal State and local government buildings.  At EEC, we will ensure that all materials are tested and properly defined so our final report that can be relied upon for the life of their building.


If the building has asbestos and renovation or demolition plans are planned and asbestos is present then a plan for controlling the asbestos must be developed through proper design.  Our abatement design services will identify and define the materials needing special handling and how to manage them during remediation and construction.  Our design services will be most cost effective and through competitive bidding and eliminating construction change orders cost can be reduced.


Construction monitoring and air sampling records are important legal documents illustrating responsible actions and protecting from future liability.


We will observe and document compliance with relevant regulations and standards and note the protective measures taken to isolate the work area from the occupants.


The majority of asbestos containing materials may not need to be removed from the building if they are properly managed.  EECs O&M plans will identify: where the asbestos is, how it should be monitored, how to handle it, how to label it, how to train employees working in the building, how to keep from disturbing the asbestos, and what to do if the asbestos is disturbed.


If asbestos is present in the building, it is required by OSHA that the employees or occupants be provided with 2-hour awareness training.  OSHA regulations require maintenance and janitorial workers to take a two (2) hour asbestos awareness class.  EEC can provide this training.  Classes are taught by experienced and dynamic individuals who will focus on specific building or O&M plan and also cover safe work practices.  We have tailored our curriculum to reduce anxiety that may occur from having ACM in the building.


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EEC, Inc. is North Carolina's one of the leading Environmental Engineering, Health and Safety Consulting Firm