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North Carolina's Leading Environmental Engineering, Health & Safety Consulting Firm

EEC, Inc. is North Carolina's one of the leading Environmental Engineering, Health and Safety Consulting Firm


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EEC is North Carolina's one of the most respected and known hazardous materials consulting firm. We assist clients with the management of hazardous materials including asbestos, mercury, lead, PCBs, microbial contamination and cleanup of historical building contamination.


Building owners and managers, safety managers, engineers and architects are responsible for managing an increasingly complex set of environmental concerns. Regulations are in place or being developed to control hazards such as asbestos, mercury, lead paint, silica, PCBs, etc.


During the design stage, our experience is applied to the development of specifications and abatement manual and other documents that clearly define the scope of the project and minimizes extra costs. We provide a well-designed abatement project manual to give the abatement contractor a clear understanding of their role and the client's expectations.


We are committed to offering quality services on a cost effective and practical basis. Our consulting and inspection staff have designed and inspected over 1,000 projects.


The following areas of expertise cover the most frequent materials of concern, however, EEC has the expertise to address virtually any hazardous chemical encountered in building operations or construction.


Asbestos Services
     EEC will help you in all your asbestos related requirements... Learn more...

Industrial Hygiene Services 
     Contact us for all your industrial hygiene related requirements... Learn more...

Indoor Air Quality and Mold Assessment
     Do you have concerns for your indoor air quality or mold? Learn more...

Lead Based Paint Services
     We can be your one stop source for all lead based paint related services. Learn more...

     Need to consult us for your environmental engineering or health & safety needs? Learn more...

Environmental Site Assessment 
   If a site is suspected of being contaminated, we will accurately assess the contamination and follow with remediation recommendations based on your unique set of circumstances. Learn more...

Hazardous Materials Services
   EEC has experienced engineering, safety and health professionals trained and prepared to provide Hazardous Materials Sercies. Learn More...

Underground Storage Tanks Removal Services
   Do you need to remove underground storage tanks. Here are the details...



EEC, Inc. is North Carolina's one of the leading Environmental Engineering, Health and Safety Consulting Firm