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EEC, Inc. is North Carolina's one of the leading Environmental Engineering, Health and Safety Consulting Firm


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If you are interested in fast and inexpensive research on a property and the sites surrounding the property, EEC will provide a Records Search.  This study will search government databases including the property and up to a one mile radius around the property.  One should be cautioned that this product does not constitute due diligence on the part of the purchaser.  It will simply provide a summary of the types of reported and registered sites in the area.


This report comes with a computerized color map showing the property at the center and any sites found on the databases surrounding the site. We also include color digital photographs that will bring the project to life and illustrate the property in vivid detail.  All telephone conversations will be summarized in the report findings and the actual telephone memos can be found in the appendix of the report.  The report will be presented in written form and a copy will be provided on CD.  The following is a summary of the databases we search:

    • National Priorities List (NPL)
    • Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act (CERCLA) Database
    • State Priority List (SPL)
    • No Further Remedial Action Planned (NFRAP)
    • Corrective Action Facilities (CORRACTS)
    • Leaking Underground Storage Tanks (LUST)
    • Treatment, Storage and Disposal Facilities (TSD)
    • Solid Waste Landfills (SWLF)
    • Underground Storage Tanks (USTs)
    • Emergency Response Notification System (ERNS)
    • Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) Large Quantity Generator and Small Quantity Generator
    • Additional State Specific Databases 

Our Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs) can protect the assets by offering the degree of detail required to legally meet the due diligence obligations.  Our reports will meet or exceed the ASTM-E-1527 standard for our Environmental Site Assessments.  In some instances, further testing of media may be required to meet this obligation.  However, because our reports exceed industry standards and our professionals are meticulously trained and experienced in ESAs, our recommendations result in fewer sub-surface investigations.


If testing is needed at a property to definitively address an unknown condition, we can provide Environmental Site Assessment Services.  We will try to save money by reducing the number of samples by first researching the conditions at the project.  We will use the site topography, known or estimated groundwater depths and, if available, existing surrounding sub-surface studies to develop a sampling plan.


Our ESA projects include several different sampling techniques and media; surface soil samples, soil gas sampling, subsurface soil and groundwater samples from borings and monitoring wells, surface water samples, pond sediment sampling, drinking water samples, drum testing and tank testing.  All of our samples are properly preserved, documented on a chain of custody and delivered to a North Carolina state certified laboratory for analysis.  The results of our testing will be described in a comprehensive and easy to read report complete with drawings, digital photographs and recommendations.  


If contamination is found and the conditions are suitable, we will apply to the appropriate regulatory agencies for closure with no further action.  If necessary, we can provide planning and design services for Environmental Remediation projects.


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Environmental Remediation

EEC, Inc. is North Carolina's one of the leading Environmental Engineering, Health and Safety Consulting Firm